Madison Reed

Natural Hair Color

Amy Errett
Founder — Madison Reed
San Francisco, CA

“We believe in a better way, and we believe in beautiful, naturally healthy-looking hair color and that all women deserve it.”

Watching her wife Clare color her roots every two weeks caused Errett, founder and CEO for hair-color brand Madison Reed, to worry: Errett couldn’t help wondering how many dangerous chemicals were in the dye and worried that it would affect the health of not only her wife but that of more than 100 million women in the U.S. who dye their hair every year.

So she founded her own hair color company Madison Reed in 2014, and sells products mainly online at a price range of $25 to $30. All the 45 colors are made in Italy, with each being named after a city in the country. “We have the lowest chemical profile that exists in the market today,” said Errett, who dyed her hair with the color Roma Blonde.