Lemi Shine

Better-For-You Household Cleaning

Curtis Eggemeyer
Founder — Lemi Shine
Austin, TX

“Building a brand is similar to reaping a harvest in that the risks are high, but with vision and the right people on board, the reward can be great.”

Born from a conviction to provide a product based on the common good for the common man, the Eggemeyer Family faithfully sold their farm in exchange for a little-known brand called Lemi Shine. Their son, Curtis, saw the potential of the brand, dreamed big, and set out to bring powerful, safe, and affordable cleaners to families everywhere. Fast forward to today, and the Eggemeyer Family has grown Lemi Shine ten-fold into a complete line of household cleaning products powered by 100% natural citric extracts. Lemi Shine gets the job done with no questionable chemicals, helping you create a home that is Clean Freak Clean with peace of mind.